Wise Oak Shamanic Healing
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Wise Oak Shamanic Healing

Hello! I’m Tracy Thaden and I have a Shamanic Healing practice in the beautiful Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin in Spring Green. The magical essence of the land and river creates a special energy that makes everything possible. I also see clients in Madison, Wisconsin. No worries if you are not close by; I can work remotely with anyone anywhere in the world.

I work with spiritually motivated clients who are looking to restore balance to their lives. I help my clients heal from trauma, unhealthy behaviors, limiting beliefs and agreements, attachments and often, just from feeling stuck in their lives.

Working with Spirit, I assist others in their own healing, thus revealing their authentic selves.

Wise Oak is the perfect name for Tracy’s business, as she has an innate and ancient wisdom. Combined with a deep understanding of the healing process, a genuine sense of compassion and a knack for asking the perfect questions to get at the source of the problem, this wisdom makes Tracy an efficient and proficient shamanic healer.

I feel blessed to have been guided to her and grateful for the healing that she gently guided me to.
— TW

Join me on my May 2019 adventure to Northern Wisconsin and the U.P.!


Sweat Lodge

The Inaugural Sweat lodge was on October 6 and I am planning to do more on a regular basis. Here is what a participant had to say:

“Tracy, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful land and healing powers with us. I left my first sweat lodge experience feeling grounded and at peace. No matter people’s beliefs in the higher power (God, Buddha, The universe or others), the sweat lodge was an amazing experience where we were connecting ourselves to the greater good and we felt the connected energy that’s meant to lift us all!!

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Bakkens Pond in Spring Green Township. An outlet for the Wisconsin River


The Latest


My “Musings” hopefully are educational. I am a teacher at heart and love to share what I am passionate about! The learnings from Shamanism are fascinating. If you would like me to write about something in particular, please let me know!

Amazing wall cloud July 2019 brought lots of wind and rain